Tohoku Pacific Earthquake- Contributions

24 March 2011

1. If nationals of Trinidad and Tobago wish to offer contributions to the people of Japan, the Embassy would be most grateful if these contributions can be sent to the Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross Society Office at 7A Fitzblackman Drive, Wrightson Road Extension, Port-of-Spain. The Office can be contacted at 868-627-8215. The Red Cross Society has created an account at Republic bank to receive contributions: Account No: 180476267601. If contributions are sent to the Red Cross office overseas, said office is supposed to transfer these contributions to the relevant Japanese office(s). In principle, these contributions would be used for the relief efforts. Currently, the Japanese Red Cross Society is considering concrete projects. Furthermore, the JRC will explain these projects to the Red Cross offices overseas in due course.


2. The Embassy of Japan would like to further introduce another way of sending valuable contributions to the people of Japan. These contributions would be used for donations only.

In the case of contributions from foreign governments, foreign individuals and companies, it is possible to send contributions to the Japanese Red Cross Society directly. The details of the account information are as follows:


Name of Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Name of Branch: Ginza

Account No: 8047670 (Ordinary Account)


Payee Name: The Japanese Red Cross Society

Payee Address: 1-1-3 Shiba-Daimon Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN


3. If you encounter any difficulties in sending donations to the Japanese Red Cross through the Local Red Cross or directly, the Embassy of Japan will accept donations in such cases. We are located at 5 Hayes Street, St. Clair.



For enquiries please contact the Public Relations Desk at the Embassy of Japan
(868) 628-5991 ext 242