Japanese Cuisine Contest “Washoku World Challenge” Opens for Applications !!

Japanese Cuisine Contest  “Washoku World Challenge”  Opens for Applications !!
Japanese Cuisine Contest  “Washoku World Challenge”  Opens for Applications !!
Japanese Cuisine Contest  “Washoku World Challenge”  Opens for Applications !!
Japanese Cuisine Contest  “Washoku World Challenge”  Opens for Applications !!
Japanese Cuisine Contest  “Washoku World Challenge”  Opens for Applications !!

Japanese Cuisine Contest “Washoku World Challenge” Going Online this year.
Share your recipes and show off your talent!

The "Washoku World Challenge" is a Japanese cuisine contest organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan for non-Japanese chefs deeply interested in Japanese cuisine and who are eager to improve their skills and knowledge.

During the 7th contest last year, the regional qualifying tournaments were held in five cities worldwide, and the final tournament with 5 finalists was held in Tokyo. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, serval policies have changed in order to ensure the safety of all participants.

The contest is going to be held online, without determining the First place. We have also expanded the scope for participation to include non-Japanese chefs of Japanese cuisine with less than two years of experience, chefs who are interested in Japanese food and food culture, and students who want to become chefs. We expect that holding the contest online will create new possibilities and opportunities!! Do not miss seizing this chance!

The theme of the contest is "My Japanese Cuisine". We hope that you will all demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and passion for Japanese cuisine in your dishes and present them to the world! We look forward to receiving your applications.

Participation benefits: Benefits of Participation at Every Stage!

Upon your application;
we will provide you with special educational videos to learn the essence of Japanese cuisine!

For those who pass the first stage;
we will deliver a special kit to learn about Japanese food and food culture at home!

For successful finalists; 
we will offer a private online lecture by a top Japanese chef !

It is sure to be a special learning time and invaluable experience for the six finalists realizing their wishes.

A Message from the Head Judge
Head Judge : Mr. Yoshihiro MURATA
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador and the Owner & Chef of Kikunoi Chairman of Japanese Culinary Academy

This year, the Washoku World Challenge will be held online. While applications from Japanese cuisine chefs are expected, we also hope to receive applications from those who have absorbed the essence and spirit of Japanese cuisine, ranging from students to professional chefs.

And, we would like all applicants to incorporate the basis and technics of Japanese cuisine into their own unique dishes.Then, in the next post-COVID-19 era, I sincerely wish the chefs to make dishes that will make people smile more around the world. We look forward to receiving many applications!


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How to Apply for the Washoku World Challenge



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“Washoku” has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage and is the fifth food-relation heritage.  It has become widely recognized by people around the world.   
One of the most important aspects of washoku is the main element of dashi (soup stock) – “umami”. Umami was first discovered by a Japanese person and since then, is becoming accepted as a universal term in the culinary world. Umami is said to enhance the flavor of any dish. Through the efforts of people promoting umami overseas, and actually incorporating it in Western cooking, such as French cuisine, we introduce the delights of this now international taste.