JET Programme Series: JET Programme Orientation Video 2023 - Shanisa Sabdarali

JET Programme Series: JET Programme Orientation Video 2023 - Shanisa Sabdarali
I am a 5th year JET placed in beautiful Niigata Prefecture. For the past 3 years, I worked as an ALT but in 2022 I was accepted as the Niigata Prefectural Advisor. This role is completely different from my time as an ALT. While I am still able to teach at various schools I'm now in charge of organizing seminars and training for JETs and assisting with speech competitions among others. 
Around February, I was told that the JET Programme was working on a project to create a new Welcome Video that would be shown at the Tokyo 2023 Orientation. I thought it would be a great idea to fill in the application and hopefully get a chance to represent my country. A few months passed and I finally got an email saying I was on the waitlist. I had to provide pictures and reasons why I would be a great fit for the video. After some time I finally received the email saying that I was the ALT representative that was selected from all of Japan. I couldn't believe it but I was excited for the opportunity to represent Trinidad and Tobago and Niigata. 
Things moved swiftly, with a meeting with the production company and answering interview questions, scouting locations, and getting final approvals. Finally, filming day arrived and the production company visited my school, Niigata Prefectural, Niigata Nishi Senior High School. 

The students, teachers, and myself were super excited and a bit nervous but we were able to capture some amazing moments to showcase a typical day in the life of an ALT. 
Upon seeing the final product I was unbelievably proud that I was able to put our tiny island on the big screen. Over 1800 new JET arrivals were able to see this video at the Tokyo 2023 Orientation. 
This is one small step in promoting my country and culture while in Japan and I am eager to continue on this path.  I hope I made my country proud!

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